Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Harry Lazy Triple Abdul


We had a lucky 7 for YHC’s 100th Post this morning we had some F3 veterans show up from an extended leave(Welcome back Carpenter and Yardsale) and it went something like this:


Mosey from Flag to base ball outfield circled up for 20 SSH, 10 Don Q(slow to fast) 10 Arm circles 5 big arm circles, Reverso 10 and 5, 10 Harry Rocketts <with a friendly demonstration to Mudface on how it is not like a Russian Soldier> 20 LBC,s, 10 Hand Release Merkins and 15 Scorpions.


Lazy Dora – we partnered up and did 100 merkins (each partner did 10 reps while the other partner was planking alternate until the team reached 100 total reps) 200 Squats (Partner one started with 20 reps while partner 2 stayed in the squat position, alternate until team reached a total of 200 reps) Finally 300 Side Straddle Hops (Partner 1 did 25 reps while other partner was lying on the ground holing his feet 6 inches off the ground) Exchange until 300 reps were completed.

Triple Check – Divided into groups of 3 with Partner 1 running to building corner and back through the parking lot Partner 2 and 3 performed partner leg tosses switching when Partner 1 reaches school and swiching again when Partner 1 returns. Repeat 3 times.

Paula Abdul – We moseyed to light pole near flag and started with rung 2 second light of building perform 5 Burpees, go back one light 5 buprees and we continued until the 45 minute mark and moseyed back to flag. (we did not sing her song of 2 steps forward and one step back but have a sound bite for you on this post!)

Moleskin We circled up and brought up some F3 brothers we have not seen for awhile (Helix – Sounds like his daughter is recovering well and Phonics has to swim for awhile while his knee is recovering we hope to see you soon brothers) October 19 is poker night at Mr Holland’s place details to come. We discussed up upcoming events and if you have links please post to this back blast. Have a great day everyone! Cheers….CB


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  1. Great work out men, please post links if you have more info on upcoming events. SYITG CB