Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An A for planning…maybe a C for Execution.


On the evening of September 10th, YHC sat at his kitchen table reading the F3 blog, looking up exercises (new ones…not just the standard issue Merkin), practicing the proper cadence sequence, making note cards (it’s not just for Wilson) and designing a 9/11 themed work.

Come 530am Wednesday morning following the mosey and circle up for warm-up all planning efforts vanished from YHC’s brain and the PAX was left with mush and duhhh…The plan for the warm up was alternating exercises first 9 reps, then 11, then 9, then 11. That would have been cool…What came out was a hodge podge of exercises and reps with Merkins, Annie’s, Side Straddle Hops, Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers (Imperial Walker Style) and then for real Russian Soldiers. Let’s not even talk about the Cadence.

We then mosey’d over to the field for The Thang. Main event was the entitled the Ultimate Dora with 12 exercises each with 248 reps. The intent was to honor the 2977 people that died on 9/11 (12*248 = 2,976). As one partner was counting/building reps, the other was running through a cone course (20 yards zig zag, 10 yard sprint, 20 yard back peddle). Exercises included squats, World War II, Alabama Prom Dates, Merkins, Freddie Mercury’s. The Pax made it through 5 sets of 248 and the final set of Merkins finished with 124 reps due to time. Well done men.

We then mosey’d back to the flag for Number-rama/Name-a-rama. DK had the great suggestion to have everyone state where they were on 9/11. Both Honeymoon and POG were in Latin class interestingly enough. YHC recorded all names and answers during the COT so he 1) could remember everyone’s name for the back blast and 2) list where everyone was on 9/11 as that would be an interesting tidbit for the F3 nation. However, YHC decided to be a bone head and left his phone on the back of the car. I drove off with phone on the bumper and it fell off just north of the Salisbury country club. The iphone was found but there is no recovery…and thus we have only memories.

So, I apologize if YHC left you off the list and you attended. It was not intentional. I’ll make the correction if you let me know. I know there were 13 men in attendance today.


Mouse Trap made his way to Powhatan High School and ran some laps with a friend who was running 377 laps. One for each of the service men and women who died on 9/11. Well done MT.

DK reminded us that the fall camp out is 9/21 – 9/22.

Iron Pax challenge on Friday at Twin Team. Be there at 515.

Honeymoon took us out in prayer with reminders to give thanks for all that we have and for the hero’s that keep us safe and serve without bias. Well said as always my friend.

I was pretty darn frustrated with myself for butchering the warm-up. Thanks to the PAX for rolling with it and giving me a good laugh. Thanks to DK who offered encouraging words as well.

It’s a great day to be part of F3.


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  1. Great Q, OC. So bummed for how you think your morning went because you were a star. Great workout, and like I said, who cares about the cadence. The point is that you stepped up to lead, and you did a great job.
    Sorry about your phone too!

  2. Awesome Q OC! Your “butchering” allowed for solid banter among the PAX. And it was needed, b/c the workout was a smoker.

    Sorry about the iPhone. “Poor little pooch, probably kept up with you for a mile or so.”

  3. Awesome having you lead us this morning, OC! It was a great tribute….definitely put me in the right mindset today.

  4. OC, you did a great job and you get a hall pass. You have been out for a while and it is hard to get back in to the rhythm of things.