Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You’d think I’d no where stuff is by now….


13 gents including an FNG(Speedo) gathered at Daville on a nice, brisk morning(53 degrees) for an early week beatdown. This is how it all went down.

Mosey to the basketball courts. SSHs x 15, Copperhead Squats x 15, LBCs x 15, Hand Release Merkins x 15, -High Knees(up and back), Butt-Kicks(up and back), Shuffle(up and back), Back-Peddle

Mosey to the Pull-up station behind CMS. 5 Rep Circuit with a Partner. Pull-ups 1x to 5x, short mosey to PLKs(10x per man), short mosey to “partner leg circles??”(10x each direction)

Mosey to benches next to CMS- Elevens- Box Jumps/incline merkins(curb). Followed by Bench Dips x 60

Indian Run back to the flag and finish with some good old fashioned Ring of Fire.

Numberama, namerama, YHC led us out. Onward and Upward

Announcement: No Excuses Workout- 7:30 am- June 22nd. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GET SOME NEW GUYS OUT

NMS: YHC had the best of intentions in driving out to the AO ahead of time to do some “recon”. It became clear on multiple occasions that YHC didn’t know where he was going. PAX was uber-supportive and YHC was thankful

YHC felt like the beatdown was pretty strong until “ring of fire” when EMOJI did ten textbook clapping merkins while smiling.. Great effort by all!! Really good to see Speedo this morning. He brings the median age of the group down considerably.

It was an absolute honor leading. I appreciate the support of the group. Long live F3



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  1. The Carpenter on

    Great VQ, Pavarotti! The 11s with the box jumps left little to nothing in the tank. Thank you for stepping out and stepping up to lead the PAX. Now, sign up for another Q and let’s keep it rolling!

  2. Speedo – awesome FNG name! Love that we keep bringing out the new guys despite the ridiculous names we give them!

  3. Well designed full body workout – complete with muscle and geographic confusion! My calves are feeling the box jumps.

    P.S. Seemed sunny and 70 to me!