Thursday, October 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



First,  HoneyDo, thanks for organizing this past weekend, YHC knows that organizing a group of F3RVA guys can be a challenge in and of itself; and then adding other folks from F3 can add another layer of complexity that is not known to most. HoneyDo, thank you!

To everyone that participated this weekend and in the GORuck event itself,  thanks for extending yourselves and being examples of servant leadership and hospitality for F3RVA.

This morning, after the work, SAAB shared some news about a neighbor of his that YHC knew.  YHC was shocked and saddened to hear the news that he had passed away this weekend at 47 years old, leaving behind a wife and 3 kids. 

Unfortunately, life is short.

The ability to be a leader when times call for it, but also show humility and grace,  is the culmination of how YHC views how the PAX in F3RVA operates.   Having the courage to face a challenge and deal with it.  YHC wants everyone to know that we are all in this together, if one man is pushed,  The Region is pushed.  

Being examples of servant leadership is who we are.   Continue to reach out to those that may need F3 in their lives,  you never know where a man might be,  and you could be that one beacon that makes all the difference.



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  1. Thanks, Bleeder and everyone else who spoke up this past weekend. From what I have seen and heard from the F3RVA pax this past weekend, I know I would not trade this group of friends and brothers for any other. But I knew this already?

    • Big Tennessee on

      Solid, Bleeder. Proud to know, struggle and succeed with this group. GoRuckers: fine job. The pictures from our resident photog/historian made me exhausted just looking at them. The fact that not being a part of F3RVA would mean that I likely would never have met many of you is unthinkable. Fortunate to call you brothers.

  2. Well said. You and a number of the men who have led during my time in F3 have helped us all learn and show the servant style of leadership. The example serves us all well.

    Great job, Rucker’s. Sorry the River was too high for baptizing. Gland you all didn’t have to freeze.

    Thanks HoneyDo for organizing.

  3. Bleeder, well said brother. The fact that you’ve never once during my time with F3 announced yourself as Regional Nan’tan says it all. With this group, we know who our leaders are, and humility is some of their greatest qualities. Thank you for bringing F3RVA to so many. Leadership by example is the best kind.

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