Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Before Afternoon Delight with an FNG

  1. Swiper isn’t feeling well but Labrat and YHC were joined by a fellow VDOT employee Alex Foraste (Foxy – for his love of motocross). We ran our usual route across the Mayo bridge, flood wall, T-pot, browns island, pipeline, and up the hill to the George Washington statue. We saw almost as many excellent examples of how to fill out a pair of yoga pants as Labrat and I saw yesterday when we did yoga at VCU. Lots of media out and about today but they weren’t interested in us so we kept on trucking. Giddy up
  2. Glad to finally get Alex out. He was worried about the naming process and that was keeping him away. He got a pretty tame name for Shakedown and Labrat as the whole Pax/naming committee. Hope to see him Saturday morning.
  3. We run just about every Wednesday at 11:30 – come join us
  4. signing off – short shorts shakedown
  5. dont know what the numbers are all about and I can’t find how to tag the workout as off the books… oh well. No data for us

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  1. Glad to see Lab Rat still works out. Who said that?!!

    Welcome, Foxy! I hope that broke the seal and we will see toy out again soon.