Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Leaving the AO ISO: dry ground


18  posted to Blackout on the Saturday before Christmas to see what presents YHC would provide.  5 Shovel flags were planted and we got after it:

COP:  Invisible Jump rope, Don Qs, Hand Release Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Flutterkicks, Hillbillies.  Head to the hill, Bernie Sanders up then run to triangle in between Grady & Preston.  First present:  3 Sets of 25 Wilson Boxing Cockroaches. 20 Merkins then up Grady to Venible School.

2nd Present:  Merkins Wheelbarrow up school steps.  Each PAX up twice.  Back down Madison, stop in parking lot for 3 sets of PLTs.  20 Merkins, then back to AO base.  100 Monkey Humpers then up hill to benches.  3rd present:  Benchkicks.  30 of those & 10 Derkins, then increase kicks by 10 & Derkins by 5 two more sets.  Up to field:  5 Box Jumps, Bear Crawl across, 10 Box Jumps & back up to 20 Box Jumps.

Head back to bottom of AO to blacktop.  Crab Walk length, broad jump back, then spring length and back. Finish up with some time in the Honeymoon Suite:  Diamond Merkins, APDs, Monkey Humpers, and finish up with Pickle Pounders.

NMS:  Good to see several veteran Cville Pax and a lot of new ones.  YHC was considering dropping the 12 days of Xmas on the PAX but it appears Poison already has that lined up for Monday, Rosie would be proud.  YHC started off the giving mood by ensuring the PAX was plenty muddy in the COP.  The Wilson Boxing Cockroaches were a hit and the groans up Venable ES front steps were interpreted as appreciated.  To YHC’s knowledge those and the Benchkicks have not made their way up to Cville beatdowns as of yet, enjoy!

Props to True North bringing his dad FNG Unplugged who as a double respecter put in solid work.  Great to see how strong the Cville PAX has become.  Thanks for the strong showing of 18.

Announcements:  Running group will be starting in new year on Tuesday at UVA track.  GrowRuck is March 23-24 in Richmond, see YHC for more details.


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