Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Soggy socks and, well, pretty much everything.


Four knuckleheads were undeterred by the forecast, and despite knowing that bands of Florence’s winds and rain may still be part of the equation, sidled out to Pocohantas to ride the only thing available to them: gravel and sand.

Making a long-awaited return appearance, Lab Rat posted just in the knick of time to join the same dudes from last week, and immediately he and Profit started what would be a two-hour mind-meld on the topic of brewing beer.  Despite not being a brewer, YHC is pretty good at beer — mostly the drinking of it — but stuck to chatting with Jenny Craig about bikes, Church, staying out of trouble with the Missus, and general topics.

Same route as last, with a minor deflection for time’s sake:  we had to get Jenny to the Church on time this week. Fendley Station (counterclockwise) to Bright Hope (again, counterclockwise) and through a small stretch of Beach Road back to Fendly and then into the creek for a quick dip.  No harm done, as we were pretty wet by then anyway with the last few miles or so in a solid rain.

All said, the weather really wasn’t much of an issue.   Maybe YHC is a filthy liar, and the ride takes a little longer than advertised, but there was only a small batch of whining and a pretty good batch of peace and quiet through the prettiest parts of the woods, so… balance, mostly.

Still way better than watching the Today Show.


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