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Always 70 and Sunny

Döner Kebab’s NFL Survivor Pool


I’ve run an NFL Survivor Pool for 10+ years now. From Opus to Wedding Singer to TYA to L, several of the RVA Pax have played for the last years. I’m posting this to invite you to consider playing as well….

Rules are simple: Pick 1 team per week to win; no spreads. If your team wins, you survive to the next week. If your team loses you’re eliminated. 1 Survivor. Winner takes all. The catch: you cannot use the same team more than once per year. So, if you pick the Patriots in Week 1, you cannot use the Patriots for the rest of the year.

$10 entry. Winner takes all.

Last year, The Chicken Whisperer (my 8-year-old son Joseph) won the league….simply by picking against the Cleveland Browns whenever possible.

To join, follow this link: http://cltelim.football.cbssports.com/e?ttag=FFBC18_cpy_invite_new_mt
The league password is: redskins#1

Good luck!

Peace, love and Derrius Guice,
Döner Kebab


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  1. Good point, Splinter.
    I severely dislike cbssports.com for making you click Save….but please do so!