Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dirt Church, All Ages Edition…


Five riders, from age eleven to sixty-two,  rocked out this morning’s singletrack-heavy Dirt Church ride.

Profit was running a little late but the rest took the gravel warm up to meet him at the top of the trailhead.  In just a few minutes, we figured out that Crikey wasn’t gonna get dropped despite the 140mm cranks, and with all five of us together, it was time to get rad.

Blue Jay Way is a downhill, super-jumpy, twisty trail second only to Corkscrew in technicality and sketchiness at speed, so naturally, we went that way.  Shakedown’s full-rigid Bianchi is about as old as Pullout, but he rocked it like a champ and his 2.0 definitely proved to “have a little rad in him” as advertised in the pre-ride group text.  BJW dumps into the head of Sunsetter and after casually clearing all of that flowy trail, we said our goodbyes to the time-constrained.

Pullout, Profit and YHC scampered up Bell Return at a good clip.  In fact, we rode the whole rest of the ride at a good clip.  My Strava feed says four new PR’s.  After Bell Return, we bombed Blueberry Hill with Pullout picking out the lines.  Blueberry is a flow trail down and up, and in perfect shape (like it was today} can be taken at Mach two without worry.  So we did that.

Once back to the top, Profit rolled to his convenient parking spot.  Pullout and YHC railed Blue Jay for a final quad workout and yep… another PR.  I was pretty much on the rivet for all of it, and this trail is straight up thrilling at speed.  Pretty sure the younger man had something left in the tank afterward, but I was toast.

Can’t wait to ride this again.



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