Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We get all kinds at Dirt Church.


Four of the faithful slid into the last couple of pews for Dirt Church Sunday morning, riding a variety pack of bikes, and running their mouths pretty much the whole time.

The usual preamble of Fendley Station gravel loosened us up for Sunsetter’s flow.  We chugged up Bell Return to do some socializing at the top with some outa-towners on the world’s cleanest mountain bikes.  The requisite Blueberry Hill followed and we all made great time on that before we found a new way back on the long gravel descent on Loop B.  Just under thirteen miles and 650′ of climbing.

Profit, banking on a bunch of overnight rain and a strictly gravel ride, brought an excellent Kona cyclocross bike from his inventory.  It was the safe call, but the rain held off, and the rest of us brought MTB’s.  Even though the plan was to take it easy on him, he stepped up and took all the singletrack like a champion.   Mr. Roper kept him company most of the way on his old 26er, which may have taken it’s last lap, since a big new hotness will arrive on the brown truck sometime this week.  Roper will be unstoppable next Sunday for sure. Two singlespeeders set a pace for most of the ride, possibly setting a few PR’s (competitive, much?) on Blueberry uphill, but for sure talking through the whole ride.  John, who is Mr. Roper’s partner in crime, and YHC were at no loss for words, as is often the case.

Sunday services at Dirt Church kick off at 0800 from the road in front of Courthouse Church of Christ.  All are invited, regardless of skill level.


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