Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fight training day 2 – Slow it down


COP all IC

SSH x 4

Hillbillies x 4

Merkins x 4

LBC x 4

now that we established that the PAX can count to four…

What We Did

The Great Destroyer – 4 count up and 4 count down

  • High pulls x 15
  • Snatch x 15 each arm
  • Clean and press x 15 each arm
  • Goblet Squat x 15
  • Merkin on KB x 15
  • Lawn Mower x 15 each arm
  • Reverse fly x 15 each arm

4 Count Bob and Weave across parking lot

KB Polar Bear back

  • 4 count down and 4 count up on merkin
  • Switch hands after doing merkins

Ring of fire


  • 4 count out
  • hold for 4
  • 4 count back in

Merkin Row

  • 4 count up 4 count down for merkins and rows



Chewy took us out


  • thing in Hampton
  • thing in Charlottsville
  • Hardywood has Breaking Bread this weekend


Originally there was only supposed to be 10 of each on TGD, but people were running their mouths and the only way to get them quiet was to work them harder. Welcome back to No Deal, good to have you back in the gloom.

Thanks for letting me lead

“slow is smooth, smooth is quick, and quick is deadly”








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  1. Thank you Mud Face! Don’t mess with S….L…O…W….! my lats, shoulders, pecks, tris, are all screaming from the workout. Well done. We’ll thank you much later.

  2. Mechanicsvillians (or is that Mechanicsvillans?)…Double Dog Saturday. It’s gonna be a great day for F3….let’s play two!

  3. Enjoyed this morning more than I thought I would at first. Going slow is good for technique and makes your muscles wor a little harder.