Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wilson’s Wife Approved Workout


7 stalwarts emerged from the fartsack despite being out of town and having had many col-beers the night before.

The Thang:

Run to south paddock around the parking lot, back down the main road, past the hotel, up the hill near the go kart track, back to the main road, right to the north paddock around the parking lot, and back to the Villas.


Ok, Wilson, we hear you, big data is important and we don’t want folks posting ficticiouos backblasts to manipulate the data.  Ultimately, Splinter is the boss when it comes to declaring what is a valid workout and what is not.  If he approves it, it counts, if he doesn’t, it is out.  He is the one judge of this and he can over rule anyone on this issue (even if he uses it to his advantage…membership has its privileges) However, corporate has outlined a few rules of thumb for the PAX.  A backblast is valid if 1) there are more than 2 folks out of town together and they put in a normal F3 workout.  It has got to be as close to a regular workout as possible and just doing it yourself doesn’t necessarily count (see rule 2).  2) You are out of town and you post by yourself for an F3 type of workout (yes, a run of 45 minutes or more counts).  If you are by yourself, you are allowed one post per trip.  You can’t post every day and get credit for the workout  Just once per trip.  3) Corporate is good with you getting credit for a workout when you post at another F3 workout in another region.  Its a little tougher with the split websites now, but I am sure the PAX will figure things out.

Back to the workout at Virginia International Raceway.  A bunch of us did the route outlined above (Bleeder, TYA, Lab Rat).  Swirly did a majority of the route, but forgot one part so added a few extra hills at the end.  Lug nut posted early and ran a modified route.  Circle K opted for the 4+ mile route, preserving his body for the BRR and Saab did a fast walk while he is rehabbing his knee.

I am amazed at guys who can drink more than 3 beers and still get up and post for the workout in the morning.  TYA has no capacity to pull this off and seeing guys be a little tipsy the night before, post and kill the run is insane.  I honestly don’t know whether to be amazed or horrified.





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  1. If my GrandStrand workouts have offended the Big Data Gods let me know and I will make a sacrifice today during the eclipse.