Wednesday, October 20
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And then there were two


Two lonely PAX arrived at the predetermined place and time expecting a pack of wolves. Two expected riders were AWOL. The fart sack obviously won this morning.  I have three bikers EH’d and hope we can build our numbers to support this AO.

We consoled ourselves with a longer and faster than usual ride. We executed the route below and (thanks to Chainsaw’s motor) we maintained an 18+ MPH pace which is good for me on a 25 mile ride.

Route on Strava:


  • Reese Strong 5K – F3 will have a presence there and it is encouraged to make time for this worthy event –
  • This will be a regular thing – Wednesday at 530 at the Milestone Clubhouse. Invite friends to join the fun…
  • I am traveling to CA next week, so we need a volunteer to Q.

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