Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

200 Yard Bricker…


Two brave souls fought off the fartsack to partake in ByProduct’s VQ at Heaven’s Gate on this beautiful humid morning. After the entire PAX was present, we moseyed to the far end of the parking lot where the disclaimers were made and we did a quick check for any FNG’s.


SSH  25X

Arm Circles 10X/5X/10X/5X

Merkins 10X

Windmills 10X

Copperhead Squats 10X

Imperial Walkers 10X

We then moseyed to the small wall in front of the HS entrance where we proceeded to do skull crushers 10X/leg and Derkins 10X. After the third set, we noticed the mumble chatter begin to pick up.  We then performed an indian run over to the side field to find our what Byproduct had planned next.

The Thang:

ByProduct wanted to find something interesting for his VQ and noticed a pile of cement blocks and a freshly painted practice football field the day before when he was scouting the AO. Anticipating a much larger turnout, there ended up being almost 8 bricks per PAX at the start of the exercise.

The way it was called out is that each member was to select a block and start at the endzone. He would then lunge to the next 5-yard line and do 5 right arm lawnmowers.  Lunge to the next 5-yard line and do 5 overhead presses.  Lunge to the next 5-yard line and then do 5 left arm presses.  Continue until the last painted line was reached on the opposite end of the field and then do 15 blockees.  We repeated the process from the far endzone back towards where we began.  On our return trip we noticed a black lab that was not happy that we were using his field on this fine day and he thanked us by taking a dump right where we planned to finish the exercise.

There were a few more exercises planned for the morning that BP will hold for a future time, but transporting the pile of excess blocks back to the school became an added exercise in itself.

We moseyed back to the virtual shovel flag where we did a lightning fast numberama and namerama before QIC took us out.

I did have a good time planning out the exercises for the morning and plan to test out the full slate when Heaven’s Gate is a little more established.


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