Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running on a different kind of track


530 am arrived and the alarms started sounding.  4 Pax emerged from the gloom for a Friday morning run.

The Thang:

Leave the condo at Virginia International Raceway and sneak into the track (around the maintenance building, through the fence and then to the track itself).  Take the raceway south course up the “S” curves (whatever the hell that is), around the oak tree (which no longer exists because if fell a few years), an onto the windy and hilly south course (with zero feet of non cambered road).  Repeato if desired.


Awesome to run on the race track.  Really cool experience having been on the track before as a passenger and as a driver (very bad driver, but driver still the same)  Explicit directions by Bleeder that if we heard a car to immediately exit the track…not mosey of the track, but get the hell off the track as soon as humanly possible.  Probably a good piece of advice given that the cars are hitting close to 150 MPH on parts of the track.

Had the opportunity later in the day to again experience being passenger on the track.  First with Swirly as the driver (in Big Blue) and then with Bleeder as driver (in a Porsche racing car).  Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly I was more nervous (much more) in Big Blue going 90 MPH than in the Porsche going 145 MPH.  Truth be told, both the car and the experience level of the driver played an important role in my level of comfort.  Despite the nervousness, it was awesome to see Swirly drive over 20 MPH.  He really pushed himself out there today.  Swirly also rode in the car with Bleeder today.  Never saw a man so nervous at the start of something and so shell shocked afterwards.  Probably did not help that Bleeder took the car through he grass for a short stint on his last lap on the track.

Ok, finally, I have to go back to the alarms going off this morning.  I did not actually set an alarm to get up.  The condo has very limited bed space, so Bleeder and I shared a King sized bed.  Weird to rely on your bunk mate to get you up for an all male workout.  I was very nervous when Bleeder pulled the cucumber from the fridge pre-bedtime, and much more relaxed when he placed a pillow in the middle of the bed to separate his side from mine.  Swirly and Lug shared the downstairs suite, but fortunately had separate beds….



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