Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 RVA Crab Fest-PreBlast (Post Reesestrong 5K)


F3 RVA is planning on fielding the largest team at this years ReeseStrong 5K (organized by our very own Phonics). (See Phonics for more info about the ReeseStrong 5K) Immediately following the ReeseStrong festivities, all F3 participants and their families are invited to make the short trip to Circle K’s for some crabs, oysters, hotdogs and whatever else Circle K ends up fixing.  Rumor has it that Lab Rat may bring some of his BBQ, as well.  Circle K will have the grills fired up and TVs will be set up to watch some College Football.  The morning’s activities are as follows:

Attend your favorite F3 Saturday workout (Dogpile or Gridiron)

Refuel and Run the Reesestrong 5K (9am start time).  You can run this in the normal fashion or 5K The Hard Way.  (25 merkins and 25 Squats every five minutes) (Don’t Forget about the Kids Runs (another way to be involved.)

Head over to Circle Ks for good food and coldbeer after the race. (Food will probably be ready about 12 noon)

If you are unable to attend the Reesestrong 5K, feel free to stop by Circle Ks anytime during the afternoon to enjoy some 2nd F.

What to bring-Bring yourself, your Ms and 2.0s.  Circle K will have some activites (CornHole, Badminton, etc) set up for everyone to enjoy.  If you fix a dish that you think is delicious and think others would like, feel free to bring as well.  Circle K will have all the Crabs, Oysters, Hotdogs and Hamburgers.  (Feel free to contribute to the Crab Fund if you feel led in that direction)  Circle K will have some chairs, but it would be a good idea to bring some camping chairs.

Hard Commit (with a head count) to this PreBlast for food planning purposes.


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  1. Lab Rat, Mighty Mouse, and Toro are HC. Other family members tend to waffle.

    Lab Rat will bring about 8 pounds of BBQ (enough for Circle K’s kids with a touch left over for others) and 10 gallons of home brew. He will also bring the dregs of the coolers from BRR….which means a sixer of beer and some watery ham. CHARLENE!!!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This is awesome Circle K – thanks for taking the lead on this very kind of you bro – looking forward to the day !

  3. Circle K I am a HC. The M and 2.0 are a maybe.

    Thanks for putting this together. Let me know if you need help with anything.

  4. Crabs and colbeer…takes me back to freshman year. Is this what crabs look like up close?…

    Look forward to it CK…thanks very much for hosting this.

    Saab out

  5. Screen Door, SubMac, and YHC (possibly others from Hampton Roads) are a HC for all festivities (Dogpile, coffeeteria, 5K, crab fest).

  6. David Hetrick on

    Thanks for the invite Circle K. Count me in. Also my M and three 2.0s will be there. 5 total.

  7. Thanks for doing this Circle K! Fudd will be there with the M and 2.0’s in tow. 5 people total. Let me know if I need to bring anything.

  8. Circle K!
    DK is in. I’ll be bringing the Chicken Whisperer & Flying Squirrel. Unfortunately, M DK is training for the Anthem Challenge (inter-club tennis tourney) the happens the following weekend and will be unable to attend…and therefore, DK may not be able to run the 5K. However, the 2.0s are running the kids run!
    Please let me know if there is anything I can bring…or do to help out!