Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato Florence SC Style


1 F3RVA Pax member enters the South Paw AO a few minutes before 0700 to locate the F3 Florence PAX at their describing time and location. As 0700 came, only one other car entered the parking, A dude in a blue shirt, he immediately took off running.


Follow Dude in Blue shirt for 2.5miles all around the Florence Academic Complex( South Florence High School)

Pass dude in blue Shirt, do 2 laps on track around the Gridiron, avoid stepping in a dogpile, head to the tennis courts which were larger than Batteau’s making it a punisher on the legs, although much shorter than a River Run, but with noToll to pay.
Pyramid four corners on the courts

10x Merkins, 20x Knee bends, 30X Box Cutter, 40x LBC’s, 20X Merkins, 40X Knee Bends, 60xBox Cutter, 80XLBC’s

—-Two more dudes appear on the track, with what looks like a printed Weinke, Head back to the Track, They are doing laps, approximately two more laps, Dude Caught—- Not F3 PAX either, but friendly enough— but they had no interest in carrying the hot potato.

Mosey to the Bleachers for some Steps and Lunges, with the number of cobwebs it felt much like a spider run.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

COT Bleeder took it out


If their had been a Ghost flag today at South Paw, YHC would have been taking it back to RVA today.

Although it was disappointing to not see any other F3 PAX, it was nice that there were enough other participants at the AO that YHC felt like he would get a decent beatdown.

Happily the rain held out for a decent clear workout. By 0800 a total of 10 other folks had appeared in the gloom; but none had any semblance of F3; although 3 of them knew of F3.


F3 Florence needs to update there Twitter and Workout info.


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  1. Damn, my home town boys screwed the pooch! What you doing on South side anyways? West side of Flo-town is where it’s at!

    I’ll be sure to give the boys a piece of my mind when I stop in over Labor Day. BTW, they dont post bb’s anyways.