Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast – A Last Hooray!



Yes, after a very long search, Abacus has agreed to take an awesome job. As many of you know, Abacus’ consulting work didn’t pan out like we needed to and the hunt for a W2 started last year. Abacus is now happy to announce that hunt ended last week.  Thanks to everyone who helped me with this long search. Abacus starts training on August 7th and on the 14th he reports to the mother ship for his assignment.  The Fam has no plans on moving currently.  More information is need so Abacus will be coming home 1 or 2 weekends a month for the foreseeable future.  Abacus would love to tell you all about the job but Abacus wants to connect with as many RVAers as I can. So, let’s connect this week!  Here is the schedule for the short term:

  • 7/24 Monday 530PM / Kreggers Tap and Table / Happy Hour
  • 7/25 Tuesday 530AM / Milestone Clubhouse / A+ pace Bike Ride
  • 7/26 Wednesday 530AM / Milestone Clubhouse / F3 B pace Bike Ride – Chain Ring
  • 7/27 Thursday 630AM / Rise and Shine Diner / F3 3rd F Breakfast Bible Study – The Shinning
  • 7/27 Thursday Noon / Midlo – Plaza Azteca / Lunch
  • 7/27 Thursday 6PM / Crump Park / A+ Bike Ride
  • 7/28 Friday 530AM / New Highland Baptist Church / F3 workout – The Creek
  • 7/28 to 8/5 – Vacation at Word of Life
  • 8/6 Sunday 7AM / Atlee High School / F3 workout – New A/O?
  • 8/13 Sunday 7AM / Midlo Y – Pink Power Tri / Volunteering
  • 8/14 Monday 8AM / Charlotte NC / WORK
  • 10/13 Friday 7pm / Atlee HS / Atlee Homecoming game against Lee Davis
  • 10/14 Saturday 9AM / Midnight Brewery – Tour de Midnight / Bike ride  (Tour de Midnight is my last ride in RVA – register at https://www.bikereg.com/tourdemidnight and use code: “MatToNC” to get $10 off your registration. Love to have you join me and raise some $ for a great cause.)


  1. So great to hear. Charlotte had a great network of F3. If your in Concord, I’ll give you a list of PAX you can harass with that damn bell. lol

  2. Going to miss your brother!! DaVille isn’t going to be the same without you!

    Congrats on the job, I know you are going to kill it down there in Charlotte!!