Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast – – A Day of Cherishing


I am doing a mammoth ride this Thursday the 29th of June – 200 miles of fun in the sun. Why – because it is 70 and sunny in RVA and this my way to cherish the fact that I am still walking on this earth. On June 25, 2005 I had a major heart attack and every day is a day to be cherished. So with this ride I hope to bring awareness, educate and maybe raise a few dollars for people struggling with epilepsy and need of a seizure dog.

A seizure dog can be trained to bark when a child has a seizure so that family members know what is happening. Or, a seizure dog may put its body in between the seizing individual and the floor to break the fall at the inception of a seizure. Some seizure dogs may even be trained to activate some kind of pre-programmed device such as a pedal that rings an alarm. These dogs provide companionship, protect and alert others so people with epilepsy can have more independence. But these dogs are expensive to train. Their specialized training cost between $7,000 to $50,000. Yikes. So, I am looking to help families raising funds for these dogs by raising money for EFVA that provides grants (not 100% grants, but helpful grants) to families raising money for a seizure dog.

Today, I invite you to join me on my quest by doing one or more of the following:
РRide with me on the 29th РРhere is my route. I will start at 5:30 am. Contact me and we can work out a meet up time on my route.https://www.strava.com/routes/9344080.  Here are some of the breaks that I am targeting:

  • – Milestone Clubhouse in Atlee area – mile 0 – 5:30am
    – Grill and Chill Gas Station at exit 214 on 64E – mile 40 – 7:45am
    – Sunoco Gas Station in Hopewell – mile 64.2 – 9am
    – Cedar Heart Market – mile 88.6 – 10:30am
    – Country Quick Stop at 162 and 155 – mile 119 – 12:30pm
    – County Seat in Powhatan – mile 139 – 2:00 – 2:45
    – Goochland Courthouse Market – mile 154 – 3:45
    – Midnight Brewery – mile 175 – 5pm – 5:45pm
    – Stanley Store (Mountain and Ashland Rd) – mile 189 – 6:45pm


These are all estimates and subject to change… I could get there faster, or elect to rest more…

  • Other ways you can join the fun…
    – Sign up and ride for the Tour de Midnight on 10/24/17. It doesn’t start at Midnight, but it starts at Midnight Brewery! This ride benefits EFVA that supports people with epilepsy in many ways.https://www.bikereg.com/tourdemidnight
    – Contribute to EFVA as they raise money and provide grants for people getting seizure dogs. These dogs can cost up to $40k to train.https://www.Pledgereg.com/136245

Back blast coming…



  1. Abacus, I wish I could join you, but I am Qing at Green Acres and then have a VBS thing for the 2.0s that evening. I will figure out how to make the Tour de Midnight work though. I’ll be praying for safety during your long ride.