Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just another workout?


It was a lovely 58 degrees at the Fayetteville town park, and one lone PAX member posted to enjoy the cool weather.  Here’s how it went down:

Warmup in gravel lot near the high school baseball field.  Mosey to pull-up bars to begin park circuit:

Hit the following exercise stations for the designated reps while running the .3 mile loop:

  • 10 pull-ups, decrease by 2 each loop
  • 10 incline leg raises, increase by 5 each loop
  • 20 WWII sit-ups, increase by 5 each loop
  • 20 merkins, increase by 5 each loop
  • 20 dips, increase by 5 each loop

Complete 5 loops.

COT- Toga took us out

NMM:  Since we can now count individual workouts that aren’t at an official AO or workout, don’t have a shovel flag, have no other F3 participants, and aren’t completed with a COT (Note: the COT noted above was really just gasping and profanity), YHC thought he would post this.  At least it will get entered into Big Data.., right?  As Viral recently noted, maybe these only count when you go to foreign countries.

There is a Yoga studio here, and I may head there and post a backblast for that tomorrow.  Chum Bucket will love it!

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  1. Nice work Toga. You even tried to break big data. Too bad Bleeder already broke it that way.

    Toga, by himself, playing in a park in the pre-dawn gloom. Weren’t you ever taught not to play with yourself in a public park?

  2. Man, there is a lot of animosity in this post. Maybe a yoga session or 2 could help?


    Lab Rat

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Nice work toga!!!

    I’m heading out on vacation next week and I appreciate you opening the door for me. But I might not have needed it, cause it is a foreign country