Thursday, September 16
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

D-Day AO Tour


We had some out-of-towners join us in the gloom.  Wilson and his eh’d FNG Chad are in town this week for some training.  MrMcFeely also eh’d Venu, who may have earned his nickname early.

Disclaimer issued… 11-PAX joined in for good-ole-fashioned Comanche walk-about.


Parkour lap

25 x SSH

15 x Windmills

Arm Circles forward

Arm Circles Backward

15 x Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Mosey to Rocks (grab a nice Rock)

Mosey behind school… courtyard flooded, audible

Pain stop 1 at corner

10 – 1 ladder Goblet Squat 1 – 10 air press

Mosey to fence behind lower basketball court

15 x Dips

10 x Decline Merkins

10 x Incline Merkins

Mosey to Rocks

Drop Rocks

Indian-run to lower High-School area

Front parking lot

15 x Merkins

Mosey behind High School (to steps)

Peter Parker down first set of steps

mosey to second set of steps

Hop up second set of steps


Mosey up to High School Bus Entrance

get on the double yellow lines for some ski-jumpers x 15

Mosey across to Elementary School Bus drive

Sprint down

Quadra-feelie-ya up

Sprint back down

Mosey to Mary


20 x LBC

15 x Mason Twist

15 x Low Flutter

15 x Hello Dolly

5 x Homer to Marge

15 x “W”

Naked Man Moleskin

  • Welcome to Wilson and FNG Chad from Richmond, they’ll be posting every day, Skywalker be on the look out!  Good showing today!  Look forward to seeing you Thursday/Friday
  • Welcome to FNG Venu.  Venu didn’t know his own strength and snapped one of the fence planks right off!  #strong, #hulk Comeback and challenge yourself to NOT break stuff!
  • Cobains to the PAX for the 2.2 mile mosey, I did want to get multiple areas of the AO in.
  • Had a couple of late comers this morning!  Glad y’all made it.





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  1. Nice game of AO swap this morning @Wilson! I’ll be back down on Thursday.

    @lab rat delivered a solid beatdown at No Toll. Debating my post location tomorrow. I have two suggestions that I’m considering. What say you?

    I’ll see the rest of you on Thursday.

  2. Sorry I missed today, guys. Who schedules 0600 meetings anyway? Damn F3ers! I’ll make up for it on Thursday. I have something awful in store for us!

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