Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Blue Ridge Relay


The BRR is a 210 mile relay race run in teams with anywhere between 4 and 12 team members.  It takes place in the mountains of NC and is an epic event.  We leave Thursday for West Jefferson NC, stay overnight and start the race early Friday morning and finish up Saturday afternoon.  We will then spend the night somewhere near Asheville, watch some football, eat some awesome food (prepared by masterchef Wilson) and both rehydrate and dehydrate at the same time (can you say coldbeer)

The race is coming up on September 8 and 9th 2017.  There are a few spots left for runners and drivers, so now is the time to commit to make sure you are part of this epic event.  Comment below if you are interested or talk to Swirly, Bleeder or TYA

A road trip with the PAX is an outstanding experience.  The running part is obviously a big part of the weekend, but what is the most fun is the weekend spent with the guys.  The stories will be plentiful and the humor and fun will be never-ending.  If you have not done one yet, commit now.  Talk to folks who have done this before and you will hear how much fun this is.  You have three months train and don’t have to be the best runner in the PAX.  You just have to have some heart and the desire to accomplish something great.

Swirly, Bleeder, and TYA


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  1. I can say ColdBeer and I plan on having a couple after we finish running 210 miles

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Looking at the the guys on the HC list so far I wonder, is Daville doing their own separate team?

  3. As a driver, I take very seriously my responsibilities. I have been practicing yelling “GO GET UM!” out the window of my car, have been hand-timing my peanut butter sandwich making skills, upping my water bottle quickdraw speed and I am even working with a mental imaging coach much like a bobsledder to have the route down cold.

    My obvious secret weapon is that I also have been perfecting my peppermint spritzer and peppermint infused hand-towel formulations this spring. My van is GONNA DUNK ON ALL YALL OTHER VANS.