Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Singlet – Draw Near


16 pax plus 1 FNG showed up at the Shining to shine some light on drawing near to God.

This is what transpired:


Chatter and Fellowship as food orders were taken.  A prayer was said to start us off

Started our workout today which was a “Singlet” – a discussion on a single verse, and in this case it was the first part of a verse.

Gave a little background to the first 10 chapters in Hebrews and then read Hebrews 10:22

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart.”



After we read the verse we broke up into 3 different groups.  Making it more complicated then it needed to be, Abacus just had the three tables being their own distinct groups.  After discussion at each of the tables we came back for the last 10 minutes.  Each group swindled one Pax member to summarize what they discussed. Here is what the YHC heard:

Table 1 – Worm summarize by starting out about how it says in the Bible when 2 or more are gathered you get a good return.  We are meant to be together.  Talked about how we need to work through our struggles together. Focusing on others brings us closer to God as well.  Stay in the word and study the word. Further, being aware and thankful for our blessing brings us closer to God.

Table 2 – Butterfly talked about how we are engaged and attentive in new relationships – like when we started dating our wives.  We need to do that.  He also threw down that we need to remember who we are – Romans 8:14-17.  They also suggested the book: “Practice the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  This is not easy, but with practice and persistence we can draw closer to God.

Table 3 – Tiger beautifully summarized how we need to go where God is working in our lives (Work, youth group, missions, etc).  One chirpy fellow (Emoji) discussed about reading scripture BEFORE your feet hit the floor in the morning (one person added praying).  Psalms 46:10 was quoted.  The idea of journaling our previous day and reading / studying the Bible was disccussed as well.

Lot’s of great suggestions.  However, we all agreed that our lives are crazy and we do a poor job of making a routine and being disciplined in drawing closer to God.  YHC challenged the men to man up and take something that God is pressing on you to do to draw closer to Him.



Tardiness abounded as the Pax casually strolled in.  Mudface and Emoji brought up the rear as they arrived from Circus Maximus.  The discussions ranged and the lesson began at 6:45am.  Creeper (FNG), son of Breaker/Breaker, was an easy name as we learned about his affinity towards video games and Survivor.  The key the success of this workout is like any fitness workout.  Do you just show up on a single day, or do you use what you learned throughout the week?  Let us do something with what God is telling us to do to press into his presence.



  • F3 tomorrow AM at “The Creek” – New Highland Baptist church
  • The Guies need help moving this Saturday. If you can help, get into contact with Jon Adams.  Let’s do life together.
  • 4/1/2017 – Iron Sharpens Iron – – – F3 style!


  1. Johnsonville on

    This looks like a great gathering, with much depth and substance. Great job!

  2. The discussion this AM was great and meaningful. Now the challenge is to rise up and draw near to God by doing one of these items that draws us near to him.