Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Phonics and crew coming in hot


8 veterans and two FNG posted for a Sunday in the woods.  Weather was 70 and sunny.  Really, it was 70 and sunny at the end of the workout.  Certainly unseasonably warm for February in Richmond.

The Thang:

South side to Forrest hill park loop and back to the parking lot.  4 of the PAX took a second loop, Northside to new bridge and back on the south side.  Saab added and extra loop thru Forrest hill park.


Phonics posted with 50% of his children this morning.  His 15 year old boy, Andrew (F3 name Monarch), and 13 year old girl, Rachel (F3 name Betsy Ross) joined us for their first sunday trail run.  The crew was coming in hot as they were a few minutes past 7am, but the benevolant Q decided to hold the PAX since some FNG’s were on the way.  TSB certainly enjoyed having some other “hate, hate, hate, respect” folks in the ranks.  For the first time in a long time, she wasn’t the war baby on the run.   Phonics reports that at least one of his other children was chomping at the bit to post this morning.

Monarch and Betsy Ross acquitted themselves well this morning.  They both had strong runs and seemed to enjoy the trails.  The one place that Betsy was not comfortable was when she found out she was going to get a nickname.  She clearly did not want to go through that process.  I think the group alleviated her fears and gave her a user friendly name.

4 folks oped for an extra loop in preparation for the Belmont in three weeks.  Saab, Upchuck, Labrat and TYA were the takers.  As can be guessed from the participants, there were two very talkative and two relatively non talkative PAX members.  You guess which is which.



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  1. What a great way to spend my Sunday morning. Thanks for the great fellowship guys (and gals).

    Everything seemed to arrive in 2’s… Phonics’ 2.0’s, loops around the trail, and witnessing TWO Q’s work congenially together to ensure the PAX had plenty of options and continued clarification of the planned routes.