Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No. White. Flags.


“That’s what dads do.  They past the best of themselves on to their kids.” – Steve Gleason

After nearly summer time Texas temps yesterday, the winds of the plains came back with a vengence.

The thang:

COP – Four mile run with the M.

Worlds Worst 11s – The exercises were an Air Bud Merkin (both hands off the ground at the top of the merkin) and a weighted Texas Hammer.  This is a WWII sit up with a 10 lb weight, at the top of the sit up, perform a one count American Hammer.  10 Texas Hammers/1 Air Bud Merkin, 9 TH/2 ABM, etc.. 1 TH/10 ABM. A short run was included between rounds.

Fantastic Fours – The exercises were SSH, merkin, weighted Texas Hammer (10 lb), weighted squats (35 lb) followed by a short run.  There are 4 rounds total.  On the first round do 10 of each exercise.  Round 2 do 20 of each exercise.  Round 3 do 30 of each exercise. Round 4 do 40 of each exercise.

5 Minute Burpees – Starting the timer at 5 minutes complete 5 burpees in the first minute, 6 burpees in minute 2, 7 burpees in minute 3, 8 burpees in minute 4 and 10 burpees in minute 5.

Namerama, numberama, Hardywood lead us out.

Moleskin – YHC must reiterate doing this by yourself is the worst.  Today’s title came from one of the finest examples of a man to ever walk the earth.  If you don’t know the story of Steve Gleason , drop what you are doing and get familiar with him.  While a star special teams player with the New Orleans Saints he was diagnosed with ALS.  His story is a lesson for the rest of us.

My theme for 2017 just might be NO WHITE FLAGS.

Be super.



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  1. Gleason, the documentary is now on Amazon for free if you have prime. Guy who directed that movie grew up down the street from me. Definitely must watch.

  2. Live the bb’s, keep them coming. Lab Rat posted at Holden Beach this afternoon. Did intervals of paddling followed by holding breath. Carried a surfboard so people would not think I was drowning. Weather was sunny and 70, however I appeased the M and wore the wetsuit she bought me, although I wish I had a tshirt and a vest, in honor of my sinsei.

    No white flags, I like it.

  3. No white flags! Aye!

    I’m aware of the Gleason documentary and his story and will take the Red Pill on that one this weekend.

    Keep up the good work and we will look forward to the convergence Hardywood Pax with the Richmond Pax soon!