Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rare is the man who beats Swirly to an AO


6 strong gathered in the darkness at Batteau to welcome the start of another glorious day in RVA.


SSH x 30

Helicopters x 10

Don Quixote x 15

Arm Circles x 15 forward and 15 backward

Mericans x 15

Touch a tree x 5

Touch a tree x 10

Mosey to the valley between  the hills in front of Forest Hill Ave. for 11’s to the trees.

Round 1:  Run forward up one side of the valley to one of the trees at the top of the hill and do 1 merican and 10 Captain Thors (1 WW2 situp followed by 4 american hammers).  Run back down the hill, do a 180 at the bottom, and run backwards up the hill on the opposite side of the valley to the tree at the top of that hill……do 2 mericans and 9 Captain Thors. Repeat until last set of 10 Mericans and 1 Captain Thor.

Round 2:  Same concept except with burpees and LBC’s.

Mosey to the curb in front of the stone house for curb crawls ascending from 1 to 5 incline mericans and then back down to one with bear crawl forward and crawl bear back.

Mosey to the stone landing at the bottom of the steps for 8 minutes of Mary:

Single leg lifts (15 reps each leg)

Rosalitas x 20

Freddie Mercury x 30

Ring of Fire:  PAX planks while each man takes a turn doing 10 mericans.

Mosey back to the flag for Numberama, Namerama, and COT.



YHC arrived to the stone house at Forest Hill Park to find the AO deserted.  I was elated at the prospect of finally beat Swirly to an AO, having been aspiring to this feat since Sept. of 2014.  However, after I retrieved the shovel flag from my trunk, I turned to see none other than Swirly standing in front of the stone house, breathing clouds of vapor from the exertion of the run from his house, with a look on his face that said…..”Sorry Fudd……not this time.”

YHC was happy to see a friend from the VCU EMBA program who’s only previous F3 workout experience had been the first ever F3 workout held in Athens, Greece in April 2015 that YHC also Q’d. Welcome back Kenny G!

Announcements:  HDHH at TYA’s this Wednesday, 10K Turkey Trot at U of R….8am start on Thanksgiving day (the start line is where we meet for Spider Run)

Great work out there today men.  YHC is proud to be a part of this group and misses it during my weeks in Baltimore.  Hope to see you all out there again soon.

Fudd out


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  1. Great work out there today fellas! The burpee round on the 11’s was no joke, but you guys made it look easy!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    You could have save a few words on title and it still would be true “rare is the man who beats Swirly”