Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Welcome Back Punk


23 fearless warriors and warrior princesses greeted the dawn of a new day at 45MOM.  In addition to cool autumn air, success was abound.

The Thang:

Appetizer:  20 X SSH, Imperial Walker, LBC, Freddie, X 15 Merkin

Death By Donkey Kicks – Starting with 10 donkey kicks, YHC watch was set to go off every 45 seconds.  With each round more donkey kicks were to be completed in the same amount of time.  Rounds were as follows 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20

Run Away – In a similar fashion to “Love Hill” partner up.  One partner runs to the other end of the field and back to the partner who is completing exercises and making their way to the same end point.  Exercises were broad jump burpees, lunges, polar bears

Run Away Again – Same as before, switch up partners.

Bushwacker 11s – Find a new partner for a little tag team 11s.  Starting at one side of the field complete 1 burpee.  The modification is that your partner is elbow planking on the ground and a burpee is completed only when that partner is jumped over.  Then complete 10 Stuart Scott Merkins.  In the merkin position face your partner, chest to ground, on the way back up give your brother a hi five.  Complete and run to the other side.  Start with 2 partner burpees and 9 SS. Complete as AMRAP.

Moleskin:  YHC was away from the greatness of RVA for one week.  This is the first time in months I have missed more than a few posts in a week.  I will save all the sappiness and just say it’s damn good to be back.

TClaps to Athena.  She is a warrior princess and absolutely crushed the workout today!

There was a little 2nd F at Alamo BBQ with Lab Rat, TYA, DK and Wedding Singer.  We are on record for how much we think Two-can has been kicking butt.  When you do the the work, everything falls into place.

Bushwacker 11s were named post workout in homage to seeing the actual Bushwackers at Reunion Arean in Dallas, TX in 1987.  They were in the matches leading up to the main event between the Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant.  According to his recent biography, there is a good chance he drank more than 50 beers before the match.  RIP Andre.

Word on the street is there is a merkin challenge in November.  Be ready folks, this should be a fun one.  See Lab Rat for details.

Be super.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Welcome back Hardywood – excellent Q buddy – I was there right? Agreed Two-Can is crushing it…….
    See y’all in the gloom….

  2. Welcome back cover girl . So I’m telling M. FlipDog about all my F3 brothers who made the 40 under 40 list and how proud I am to be associated with them over the weekend. She then asks about the pretty people on the cover… Oh yeah that’s Hardywood and his wife… He is good looking but I pretty much have to carry him thru workouts he’s pretty slow and out of shape. Great to team up with you on the Bushwakers glad I could carry you thru another workout.

  3. Great Q yesterday Hardywood. Great to have you back brother. And, I love the Bushwacker 11s – those will return very soon! Way to work men (and warrior princess)!

  4. It was awesome to team up with Athena my 2.0, we had such a great time. I love all the Talk about the names in the car ride home. These are times I will never forget, thanks Again brother for a great beat down!!!