Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fall is here and so is Swirly!


24 strong posted on this beautiful morning and here is how it went down.

Warmup: 20 SSH, 10 Helicopters , 10 Windmills, 10 EW, 15 AC, 20 LBC’s

Love Hill – partner up – run hill to gate 3 exercises – Polar Bears , Lunges, Burpee Broad Jump

Amp Theatre : partner dips 3 sets 20 – LBC ladder down 10 each step – incline merkin ladder up 1-18

Rusty Cage : 4 over hand 4 under regular grip. 4 over 4 under close grip- 4 over 4 under wide grip – opposites 4 over/under – reverse 4 over/under – partner up Jerkins on dips bar repeat same as above.

Steps: Polar bears across brick path up the stairs – lunge across – run back to starting line.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins each while pax holds plank.

Mossy to the Flag


moleskin: Gumbo and Rosie arrived early and got their mile in ( good job fellas ) Fall was in the air and the pax was ready to roll and in good spirits as we gathered around the flag . YHC greeted the pax as usual with the intro to the workout saying I’m not a personal trainer or fitness instructor and Fudd blurted out (I disagree with that 😀) that got the pax laughing and the mumble chatter of a typical Swirly Q began …. The pax crushed love hill -Flasdances 2.0 Athena made it look east – atta girl Athena. .. Lot’s of grunting and moaning occurred in the amp theatre especially during the incline merkin ladder . YHC was glad to have been on the other side of where Wilson was – evidently he was sharing his meal from last night with everyone by giving them all the jimmy johns Free smells – yikes…. The rusty cage was the overall crowd pleaser and the pax really enjoyed the polar bears up the steps after spending a little time in the cage!

ET’s as always was excellent – great food and fellowship ! Circle K was in the parking lot waiting for us when we got there which confused all of us cause nobody could remember seeing him @ the workout …. Hey just goes to show you how important the 2nd F is – dude did not want to miss breakfast !!

Great job guys that was a solid upper body beat down – way to push through and finish strong. Thanks for taking us out Gumbo.

Annoucements : Hampton Roads – Find a Sat you can do it and join in on the clown car heading down to va beach to help get that AO going …

congrats again to Gumbo and Hardywood for their awards great job guys

be thinking about Garbage plate – he’s got a procedure coming up..

A pleasure to lead this morning guys – have a good rest of the weekend !



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  1. Great Q. Thanks for making my arms worthless today. Trying to do yardwork with legs only today will be tough.

  2. A Swirly Q never disappoints. Thanks for leading today!

    It was a great start to this beautiful fall day.

    See y’all next time.


  3. Well played, Wilson. You held it in just long enough to get us into the amphitheater where the cool breeze couldn’t protect us.

  4. I should have known attending a Swirly beat down prior to spending the day digging a ditch would be ill advised. I’ll let you know when I’m able to lift my arms above my waist.

    Awesome time guys. Great to see everyone today.

  5. Great beatdown Swirly. I almost couldn’t operate the softball pitching machine that is how bad it hurt. Almost had to call McRib in for relief.

    Welcome Athena – way to crush it today. Hope Dad got you a well-deserved treat for that hard work.

    See you in the gloom soon. Have a great weekend.

  6. Love a swirly beatdown sorry I missed it. With my 2.0 on a Cub Scout camping trip. The tent however smells like whatever Wilson was working up for you guys in the amphitheater

  7. Thanks Swirly, I had a blast with my 2.0 what a great way to spend time and connecting with your kids. Thanks to the pax for being so welcoming to my little girl…

  8. So yesterday’s celebration was to release the previous nights Salmon & Malbec. Today’s celebration will be to no longer have my lats feel like a knot from the rusty cage circuit! THANKS Swirly!