Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Time Gentlemen – CONVERGENCE 2016


RVA Convergence 2016

Much has happened in the last two years with F3 Richmond. F3 has been a game changer for many of Richmond’s finest men and we have much to celebrate. We’ll be doing so this Saturday 10/8/2016 at Dogwood Dell (home of the Dogpile and WDog workouts).

A convergence is when all of the Richmond region groups get together at a single location for one great workout….and two if you are badass.

This is the perfect chance to bring new men or those on an F3 sabbatical into the fold.  We’ll have a workout especially for these guys at 7AM.

Here are the facts; we will have a great turnout and The Convergence is not to be missed.


When: Saturday 10/8/2016

Where: Dogwood Dell Parking Lot

Time: There will be a 7AM workout for new guys and those working out the cobwebbs from an extended workout hiatus.

Bonus Workout 6AM: F3 regulars and those ready for an FNG baptism by copious amounts of sweat will have a 6AM workout as well.

**If you are awesome and love America you will dominate both workouts.**

Be Super.



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  1. Fellas, let’s get the word out. We are gonna have a great turnout and a couple of epic workouts. It’s on you to make this great.

  2. Thanks for the photoshop work on that awesome pic! (classic Oyster) Spread it all over The Facebook yesterday.

  3. And be sure to tell anyone you are EH’ing to not call the F3RVA weather hotline and just show up. It was only recorded once by Corporate and never changes. All it says is “Hell yeah we are working out in this weather. Unexcused absences will be noted by Corporate. See y’all in the gloom.”

  4. I pinned it in between my feelings on politics and kneeling for the National Anthem. Should get a bunch of likes.