Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron – “Deck of Death”


5 grid iron strong this morning – Welcome Night Crawler from Raleigh, his job has transferred him to the Richmond area and he’s lives close to the Grid Iron so we look forward to seeing him back on Saturday mornings.

COP: SSH, Don Quixote’s, Johnsonville Hillbillies

Deck of Death – Decided to use new phone app RipDeck to officiate the workout. I figured a deck of cards wouldn’t work well with work gloves and the morning dew.

200 Prom Dates (2) x face card

200 Merkins (2) x face card

100 Burpees (1) x face card

200 Squats (2) x face card

2-50-yard bear crawls (Joker)


25 pole smokers

25 dips


Remember Johnsonville and Flip Phone – “cards are generated at random”

Last card generated – 13 Burpees –

Johnsonville Comment – “One of my top 3 hardest workouts” … War Daddy White Deer – Johnsonville = 7 years ! – Still going strong…

Night Crawler – Welcome back to F3 and the Grid Iron, hope to see you next week. Give that shoulder muscle some heat and cold. We won’t bring up the “Hurl” comment.

As the workout concluded on Jolly Ranchers “Amen”, we noticed several Tuckahoe Tomahawks dads unloading their sons football gear and they were looking in our direction so we took the opportunity to welcome and invite several men to next week’s Gridiron. One father with a sincere response, “I’ve been looking for a push and I really need to do this, I will be here next week”.

This connection with the dads could be HUGE…

White Deer


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