Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Same bat time….


A gathering of five regulars made it to The Punisher at the regularly scheduled time on the usual day of the week.  We went at it like this:

Jog to the school side yard for initial COP involving Imaginary Jumpropes x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 20, Forward and Reverse Arm Circles x 15, and Four Count Squats x 20.

We strolled to the rear soccer field for the Merkin Ladder.  We started on one end line and ran High Knees to the other end line to complete 20 Merkins and ran Butt Kickers back across for 19 Merkins, and so on down to 1 Merkin.  Upon completion, Touchdown Al Gore until all are done.

Hop over to what’s left of the playground equipment for the Six Pack.  OYO, 5 Pullups followed by 1 Lieutenant Dan, then 4 Pullups and 2 LDs, and so on down to 1 and 5 of each.  Again, Touchdown Al Gore.

Run back around the school to the front parking lot.  PAX sets off on a jog starting at the parking lot circle down the sidewalk to Laburnum Avenue, right on the sidewalk adjacent to Laburnum and back around to the parking lot entrance on Hermitage Road, and then a right turn back to the parking lot circle.  Distance of .2 miles.  At each turn, for the first two laps, PAX completes 50 LBCs – four turns equals 200 LBCs and two laps equals 400 LBCs total.  Heading off PAX complaints about doing hard stuff like jogging and LBCs again, we reversed direction around the circle and completed another lap with Flutter Kicks – 50 each turn single count.  We made it back around one other lap before time was called just before finishing a fourth turn of Squats, the exercise in play during this final lap.

ShovelFlag return and COT.


OK, we’ll leave The Punisher where it is timewise.  YHC had heard from some sad neighborhood guys that they MIGHT like to come but that they don’t know anything about 5:30 in the morning.  Had briefly wondered if 6 AM might be attractive, but have heard from some Punisher attendees that the time change would prohibit their participation.  We’ll stick with the time and with the enthusiastic guys we know that show at 5:30 AM.  May consider a prize giveaway or free puppy to attract the sad neighborhood dudes.

Sorry no yoga stretches at the end.

Discussed the schedule of upcoming events outside of our weekly F3 calendar – BRR and Spartan Race among these.

As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to Q.


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  1. Ive been sore all week, but couldnt remember why…now I know, and knowing is half the battle!

    Way to keep Punisher alive, Chum!