Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wed Night Hill Run


5 strong posted for the Wed night hill run on Hillcrest and here is how it went down…

Run the loop – 5 times !

TYA and Southern Bell got and early start on the hills (TYA had an evening commitment) way to go man TYA was not about to not get his run in – especially after  a long travel day – atta baby… Always a pleasure to see Southern Bell out there cruising up those hills nice and easy … Saab, Splinter, and YHC waited to see if Ailse 5 was gonna come rolling in hot right at the bell but there was no Ailse 5 to be seem so we  took off @ 5:30 and immediately broke into a sweat.

After a good strong 5 laps we had a great conversation regarding cold beer. YHC is really looking forward to an F3 Brew which will be called (Corporate) and brewed by our master brewers Lab Rat, Splinter, and Honeydo…

If you have not made yet to a Wed night hill run – come on out – it’s a good hard run and sometimes we do have beers afterwords 🙂

See ya’ll in the gloom


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  1. Enjoyed (my first) Wed night hill run – it was rough but what a great workout. BRR training or not, it is something everyone should consider. Way to blast through it Swirly. My thanks to Splinter for introducing me to the dog that bit Bleeder last year. Glad to see TYA out running so that he would not murder anyone (which apparently was the alternative)

    Beer chat after was well received. Splinter is clearly well-connected in several beer circles. Conversation prompted me to go home and finally try Lab Rat’s brown ale. It was just as good as as Swirly described – well done Lab Rat.

  2. Beer is good.

    PAX beware. Avoid Bolling Ave when taking the Charmian loop. It’s probably worth the extra time to head up to Virginia or Westmoreland to finish the loop. That fluffy haired poodle is no joke.

  3. Sorry for my no show fellas. My son took up Rugby and practices on Wednesdays. I did post by myself up at J Sargent Reynolds for a 5.6 mile flat run around campus and up Parham rd while he practiced.