Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee Shuffle x 3


13 faithful came out in the gloom for a WDOG beatdown and here is how it went down..

Warmup : SSH, Windmill, Helicopter, EW, LBC’s..

Stairs : Bear crawl up – lunge across the top run down touching each step, 10 WW11 sit ups @ the bottom – repeat 3 times..

Pull up station : 5 overhand, 5 underhand, 10 sec hold, 5 hanging crunch – repeat 3 times.

Amp Theatre : Dips ladder down 18-1 – Incline merkin ladder back up 1-18

Curb Crawl : up the ladder only 1-5 bear crawl up crawl bear back.

Burpee Shuffle : Pax runs in place 1 @ a time each member of the pax calls out burpee – each time burpee is called out the whole pax does 3 burpees – 13 times…

Mary : APD’s, Cross leg lifts 10 each leg, Flutter Kicks, 6inches

The Skinny : YHC was glad to see such a solid turnout @ WDOG this morning. The discussion before mossying was whether to wear long or short sleeve shirts @ dogpile (That grass in some places is brutal).. We got are hearts pumping @ the stairs rotation where Toga and Hardywood rolled fast out of the gate.. Then on to one of YHC’s favorites the pull up station.. The pax has made great progress with pull ups – all of us are pushing hard and that was evident this morning – way to go guys.. The pax seemed to cruise down the dips ladder and then realized we were going back up – yikes… The incline merkin ladder was no joke – that thing reaches up and smacks you around 7-8 and you gotta dig deep to make it to the top ( lot’s of grunts coming back up the ladder) well done guys. A quick curb crawl just to make sure we did enough shoulder, arm, chest  work 🙂 and the best for last a burpee shuffle with a twist… YHC jumped the burppee count to 3 and at first  was not sure we would make it through but the pax battled their way through and we completed the shuffle finishing strong with a nice warm down with some Mary – (recover from the damn burpee shuffle)..

A pleasure to lead this morning fella’s – way to push it! I was hoping we would run into that group who was pretending to workout out there this morning but I guess that was not meant to be.. YHC loves to fly by other groups with his fellow pax members covered in sweat, dirt, grass and F3 gear baby – Been here and hour already whats up !!! Actually YHC has been there an hour and a half cause YHC needs to secure the perimeter before we begin 🙂  See y’all in the gloom…

Announcements : Spider run and DaVille shirts – get them while they are hot ! Bleeder will be coming around to make sure you them 🙂

Fudd has an Amish shed building event @ his house Sat morning after Dogpile. Amish food and beer will be served 🙂 See pre blast … Let’s go help a brother – continue to sweat and participate in fellowship…

Hardywood is taking the lead on a new AO which will begin in a couple weeks @ Forest Hill Park on Monday mornings @ 5:30 – 6:15. Please stay tuned for details and that AO’s official name.. This will be another awesome AO guys so please come check it out – thanks for stepping up Hardywood!

Friday evening grass cutting @ Dogpile in the Amp Theatre – 5:30 if you can make it come on out and let’s get that grass cut before dogpile Sat morn…



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  1. It took me so long to leave a comment because my arms are not working. Have to type by smashing my nose into the keyboard. Some one please come feed me.

  2. Great comment Hardywood. Made me laugh. Hope you regain the use of your limbs soon.

    Looks like Swirly packed a whole lot of upper body into 45 minutes.

    Lug Nut focused on the bottom half of the body (with plenty of merkins mixed in) this morning at SOT.

    Way to push it this morning everyone.

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I couldn’t have said it better, Hardywood. With Saab’s hill run yesterday and this beat down I’m not sure I will ever again look forward to going out of town, either for work or pleasure. Well done, Swirly.

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    Sorry to miss this, resting the back. Out me in for mowing on Friday, guess that means we will have to hang in the Amphitheater at Dogpile for a while with fresh cut grass.

  5. Swirly, that was brutal, and the toughest upper body beatdown I’ve had in F3. Good work!

  6. Wow that sounds painful, Hardywood lost the function of his arms now that’s a beat down!!