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2nd F Pre-Blast: F3 RVA Service Outing @ The Doorways


RVA Pax,
2 weeks ago at Circus Maximus I suggested an additional 2nd F outing idea for May: Spending an evening Preparing and Serving a dinner for the guests of The Doorways.  Several folks were interested in participating.

The Doorways is one of the largest hospital hospitality houses in the country (112 rooms) and THE largest in the country operating on donations alone. Guests include patients and caretakers who are receiving medical attention away from home. (http://www.thedoorways.org/about/the-doorways/)

One of our own, London, works as the Community Outreach Manager at The Doorways.

The Doorways has very nice kitchen facilities and food donations of most varieties available for their guests. However, they welcome volunteers willing to prepare meals, serve meals, plan a post-meal event (like calling a few games of Bingo), and mostly spend time with guests.

I was thinking we could prepare a Taco Bar with all the fixings…I can check with London the week before to earmark some of the donated food for F3’s meal day…and fill-in with whatever produce/perishables we’d need.

This month, they have scattered meal volunteer needs.
I was thinking we could offer our services on one of the following:

  • Wed May 11
  • Fri May 20
  • Mon May 23
  • Thu May 26

Depending on numbers of folks interested, I’d like to extend the invitation to our families to join us. Fridays might be easier for those of us with young families.

Who is interested…and which of the days above works best for you?


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Count me in, any day except the 11th. Thanks for getting this going DK!

  2. Thanks for organizing this DK. I am definitely interested. What is the timing in the afternoon? I am available the 23rd or 26th. Family may be available for those dates too.

  3. My travel schedule eliminates me from everything but the 23rd. That said, I am happy to contribute and could potentially do shopping or prep stuff before the actual date.

  4. Döner Kebab on

    We’d be preparing a meal for 50 guests + ourselves.
    We can schedule the seating whenever we want, say 6:30pm…with Bingo to follow (we provide prizes)
    Parking is available for free on site in a garage attached to The Doorways.

  5. Döner Kebab on

    If we start at 6:30, then we probably need to start preparing around 5pm or so, depending on the menu.

  6. Great idea, and thanks to DK for coordinating. I could do the 23rd and possibly the 26th. Unfortunately, I’m out on the 11th and 20th. Like Toga, if those dates work better for folks, I’m happy to contribute and shop/prep. I make some killer guacamole!

  7. Döner Kebab on

    Looks like we have at least 6 guys available on Monday, May 23.
    I’ve signed us up.
    More details to follow in the next 2 weeks.
    Thanks to those interested!