Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Post Game Punisher


8 strong posted for the post game punisher and YHC is happy to report that  no merlot was splashed !

COT: SSH, Wiindmills, Hillbillies, Russian Solder, Arm Circles, 5 Burpees

Triangle:  -25 dips on the bench – sprint to concrete patio 25 merkins – sprint to swing sets 5 pull ups – repeat 3 times.

Triple Check : Balls to the wall, WW11 sit ups, run the bus loop.

Curb Crawls: Bear crawl to curb – incline merkin – crawl bear back to curb – decline merkin – up to 10.

Field: Backwards run to mid field – 10 squats – backwards run to the end line – 20 LBC’s – sprint back to starting line. Repeat 3 times.

Ring of Fire : 10 Merkins – run around the circle.

Burpee Shuffle : run in place until burpee is called then do one burpee each time burpee is called out – 8 times..

Mary :20 APD’s,  10 per leg Cross leg lifts,25 count 6 inches, 50  LBC’s, 10 flutter kicks, 10 Rosalita’s, 10 Hello Dollies.

Moleskin: @ 5.22 BT rolled in and YHC was relieved to know it would not be a solo workout  @ The Punisher this morning. Thankfully the rest of the pax arrived shortly after and  all were  talking of what was on the radio this morning which was Cam Newton is a cry baby and Von Miller is the Man!

Let me assure you all that Corporate knows who did not show up this morning and that  it has already been noted in their files… Corporate also knows who did show up and that has been noted as well ( good job fella’s) !! Those who received prior approval for not participating this morning thank you for following procedure we look forward to seeing you back in the gloom soon.

Rosie made his first trip to The Punisher this morning – well done Rosie – hope to see you back out there – Corporate see’s you dude – atta baby! Splinter true to his word arrived ready to roll this morning – love the effort the energy and the dedication dude!  BT as usual crushed the curb crawls – way to push it BT! Wedding Singer went all out on the triangle finishing strong – nice job singer! Labrat was booking around the bus loop during the triple check way to kick it in gear Labrat!  Pelosi 50 and Flipper both were giving it all they had during the burpee shuffle – way to keep those feet moving guys! Think we burned off some of those Super Bowl calories..

Great job by the pax this morning. Thanks to Splinter for taking us out. See y’all in the gloom !

DK – has the Q tomorrow @ No Toll



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  1. B-R-U-T-A-L.

    Special thanks to hillbilly engineer Splinter for hooking me up with the inside out glove idea (somehow I showed up with 4 gloves this morning, all right handed). That workout would have ruined my new MANicure without gloves.

  2. Swirly I appreciate the compliment but we both know that was like an obligatory participation ribbon. I was so gassed I forgot my name for a bit…. Sorry Splinter… Awesome Q