Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fun in the sun


8 posted for our first return to below freezing temps.  There was no sun, and I’ll let the PAX decide if there was any fun.


Mosey to area by the Xmas tree selling lot (yes, that’s there now) for COP: 30 count side plank on ea. side, 10 2-count merkins, 10 rotating merkins, 10 squat hop to plank, lateral lunge jump (we are not good at this): repeato x3

Mosey to parking lot, partner up, run the loop, and then alternate partners so that each has to execute two partner carries and wheelbarrow with runs around the lot after each.

Mosey to Xmas tree lot for bear crawl and crab walk slalom around the posts, repeato x2

COP for 10 plank jacks, 10 side oblique dips on ea side, 10 2-count sprinters: repeato x3

Wheel of Mary w ea. PAX choosing what was supposed to be an ab/core exercise= WW2 situps, mtn climbers, rosalitas, jelly rolls, burpees, Freddy M, something else

Once more swiftly around the lot and back to the flag.


Strong work today as we got right to it with no counts in between.  It was interesting to get back to some colder temps.  Last yr it still held some mystery, but there is none to be found now.  The Xmas tree lot was an interesting surprise, and it was nice to use the posts for something before they get lined up with trees.  It should also be noted that Bleeder and Wedding Singer led the partner carries and wheelbarrows.  I don’t know if this involved the use of a time warp, Bleeder’s bionic knee or performance enhancers.


0700 Thanksgiving workout at Mary Munford

Various Turkey Trots to attend

It’s a great week to be thankful for all that you have been given!

Stay Classy,



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  1. Way to punish, Toga. The “other” is called a Dreya roll…from P90X. Hope it didnt disrupt flow.

  2. I knew I had seen that exercise somewhere. It disrupted my flow because I couldn’t do it, but we’ll need to work on that. Good job mixing it up. I also like your Cousin Eddie idea, but it would not resonate with my BIL. I’ll keep pondering it.