Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An hour of labor on Labor Day


Moved to 7 AM from the usual 5:30 AM starting time just for the holiday and extended to an hour in length, today’s version of #ThePunisheRVA went down like so:

Warm up jog around the school grounds to the blacktop.  The PAX circled up and, while standing atop a painted map of the US of A, finished 25 x Imperial Walkers, 25 x Russian Soldiers, 25 x Invisible Jump Ropes (jumping but no rope), and 15 each of Arm Scissors (like the gator move at a U of Florida football game)with right arm over left, left over right, and side to side.

Combination mosey and lunge walk down the bus lane to the front school yard for the Dirty McDeuce – 12 each of Carolina Drydocks, Freddy Mercuries, and Side Lunges all in cadence.  Rinse and repeat for three other rounds for a total of twelve sets of exercises.

Jog back around the school to the soccer field.  Line up on end line in Plank position.  While the first guy in line runs to the other end of the field, the remaining PAX members are Plank Walking back and forth.  Next guy starts running when the first guy hits the ground in Plank position again to start Plank Walk again. Continue until each guy runs down.  Repeat coming back across except guys hit the ground and start LBCs.  One more time back and forth across the field one at a time with LBCs.

Mosey to the bus loop, lunge walk the length of it, and Bear Crawl to the first tree in the front yard.  Initiate Super 21.  Start with one Merkin and one WWI situp, do two Merkins and two WWI Situps, continue and add one to each exercise to five, take a break and do 21 Squats, continue six through ten Merkins and WWI Situps and break with 21 Step Back Lunges, continue eleven through thirteen and break with 21 Alabama Prom Dates, continue fourteen through sixteen.  Called audible to leave time for one last exercise after completing 21 Merkins and 21 WWI Situps.

Stroll to the bus loop.  Whipped out dice – one six-sided and one twenty-sided.  Six-sided die establishes exercise and twenty-sided die establishes reps.  Each PAX member gets to roll the bones.

Return to the ShovelFlag for the Ball of Man.


We got a couple of ShovelFlags in the ground today.  School begins tomorrow at the site of the AO, but no signs of academic activity.  The grass had been cut, however, suggesting some level of readiness for tomorrow’s start.

You can use a twenty-sided die for Dungeons & Dragons although no PAX member in attendance confessed to having any direct experience with the game.  Rolling a 6 on the six-sided die meant the exercise was Burpees.  We had two 6s in a row.  A roll of 5 was roller’s choice.  Wedding Singer elected Van Halen Burpees and rolled a 19.

BRR is this week.  There are gaps in Q coverage as a result.  If you can cover a workout, please sign up.

Honey Do is coordinating F3 Richmond participation in a GoRuck event in October.  Details to be shared around soon.

Convergence on September 19th – 6 AM and 7 AM workouts at the GridIron AO.  EH your friends.  Overheard a post-workout discussion between Conspiracy and Johnsonville – we have a long list of guys that have posted only once or twice – these guys are EH candidates – reach out to guys on the larger F3 Richmond list.

Happy Labor Day!


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