Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Week After Shark Week


A great group of 8 showed for our Monday morning offering.


Mosey to the northwest territory for the start-up COP – SSH x 25, LBCs x 25, Don Quixote (full extension) x 20, Forward Arm Circles x 15, Backward Arm Circles x 15.

Jog to the soccer field for the Merkin ladder – high knees for the length of the field for 20 Merkins, butt kickers back for 19 Merkins, rinse and repeat the runs and Merkins, reducing the count by one each time, until all have climbed down the ladder.

Stroll to the bus circle for Plank Indian “Run”.  Line up in Plank.  Guy at the back completes Bear Crawl to the front.  Repeated until PAX reached the end of the bus circle.

Hit the grass for the Dirty MacDeuce.  Twelve Carolina Dry Docs followed by 12 Flutter Kicks and 12 Mountain Climbers – all in cadence – constituting one set.  Completed 4 sets total – 12 second countdown between sets.

Mosey to the edge of the front parking lot for several Minutes of Mary plus some stretching.


Good to jump back in following vacation.  Bleeder was just back from a trip as well.  YHC failed during the cadence count a couple of times, though, and appreciates the gentle reminders from the assembled PAX.


Regular lineup of workouts this week plus some scheduled runs.

Slots available still for October Rugged Maniac – check with TYA.




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  1. Love the merkin ladder. After Saturday, Conspiracy probably looks like Hans and Frans.