Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast: Wed U of R Hill Run


In preparation for the Blue Ridge Relay, we are starting an extra run workout each week that will alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday. All PAX are welcome to attend, although Source of Truth and NoToll will still be held at the regular times and AO’s.   This week, we will meet at U of R on Wednesday at 5:30 at the Pavilion in the middle of the lake at University of Richmond, Westhampton Campus.  Address for the parking lot is 47 Lakeview Lane, Richmond, VA 23226.  Walk over the bridge to the pavilion.

I will Q this workout, and was told today that Sippy plans to Q next Tuesday.  Workouts will be different each week.  For this Wednesday, we’ll be doing some laps around the lake, along with hill intervals mixed in.

See you in the gloom.



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