Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Preblast for Long Run on Sunday, June 14 — F3Richmond BRR Training


The Blue Ridge Relay is 12ish weeks out, and team-F3Richmond has aspirations of not coming in dead last.  Thus, it is time to ramp up the run training, men.

Please join me (Johnshonville) at 3p on Sunday, June 14 at the Reedy Creek parking lot for a long trail run to do just that.  The location of that parking lot is shown on this map near Forest Hill Park (off of Riverside Drive on the southside).

We are going to loop around Forest Hill Park’s 3.2 mi. trail several times at an EASY Pace, with faster runners doubling back from time to time to keep us together.  My plan is for us to run, walk, or otherwise just stay on our feet and moving for about 90 minutes.  Water should be available there, but given the heat and humidity, I suggest bringing some as well.

Our plan is to host a long trail run every Sunday.  I am trying the 3p time slot this week to see how that goes.  Let me know whether that is convenient for you or not.

TYA and I are working on a fairly minimal training plan for BRR participants (and anyone else who wants to train).  It is not quite ready for publication yet, but, to get you started, please plan on doing this (or another) 90 minute long run on June 14 and the following additional runs this upcoming week:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs — Get 2 runs in, one of which is 40-60 min at an EASY pace.  The other should be difficult hill repeats.  For hill repeats, warm up for at least a mile.  Do 6-8 runs up a challenging hill.  Jog down between reps.  Catch breath and repeat. Cool down for at least a mile EASY.

Friday — Run 40-60 min at an EASY pace.  The F3Richmond workout will be perfect.  I suggest getting there a little early and doing a 1k loop around the school’s block to add time.

We will host another 90 min trail run next Sunday.

FEBA!  J-ville



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