Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Memorial Day in Northside RVA


A hearty group of 10 posted for on a beautiful Memorial Day.  Most were new to the Linwood Holton Elementary School AO – glad you all made it.

The PAX paused for a moment of silence to remember the fallen.


COP near Laburnum / Hermitage intersection with 20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, and 20 Don Quixotes followed by 15 Burpees OYO.

Jog to the front field at the school for circuit – First stop: 30 Prisoner Squats followed by Bunny Hop to next stop; Second stop: 30 two count Freddie Mercury moves followed by lunges to the next stop; Third stop: 30 two count Donkey Kicks from plank position followed by a jog to the first stop.  Rinse and repeat for three total rounds.

Jog to the bus circle.  PAX lines up in plank position.  Person at the end of the line Bear Crawls to the front of the line.  Three rounds.

Mosey to back field and line up on east side.  Complete 30 two count Hello Dolly moves OYO, hop up and high knee across the field.  Complete 30 two count Mountain Climbers, hop up and complete Butt Kickers back across.  Repeat once replacing runs with Karaoke across and back.

Stroll to garden area for Dirty McDeuce with 12 each of Carolina Dry Docks, Flutter Kicks, and Alabama Prom Dates in cadence.  Rinse and repeat for four total rounds.

Return to front of school for Burp Circle.  PAX planks up in a circle.  One PAX member completes 5 Burpees and runs a lap around the circle “tagging” the next in line until all have completed the exercises.  Finish with a little planking on elbows.

COT.  Earthworm took us out.


A nice breeze kept our line of ShovelFlags waving for the duration of our workout.  YHC would post a picture but apparently I don’t have permission or can’t figure it out.

There were no complaints concerning the 7 AM start.

We found a new use for the bus circle.

YHC made an on-field decision to refer to Alabama Prom Dates as Hip Thrusts so as to keep TYA from having to explain the exercise name in the car on the way home.

Toga apparently has strong command of the Johnny Cash song catalog.  The Burp Circle took two songs by YHC’s count.  Will seek to go deeper into the B sides in future workouts.

Thanks to Earthworm for the thoughtful message at the end.

Had our first Northside Coffeteria at Stir Crazy on MacArthur Avenue.  Will do this again soon.

Hope the rest of F3 Nation had a good day.


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