Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A little rain never hurt anyone


An enthusiastic PAX – two strong and in pursuit of the second F – posted for the Pub Crawl.  As advertised, we started at The Answer and sampled the recently released in-house brewed offerings.  We then jogged eastward to Strangeways and ordered one more beverage from an extensive list of in-house brews.

The ground was wet, but the rain had halted, and temperatures were good.  The brews were cold.

YHC left his car at Strangeways and jogged to The Answer thereby simplifying his departure from the event.  Toga ran to the event from his house.

En route to Strangeways, we happily bothered TYA at his place of business.

We had a good time and were sorry our brothers could not make it out.




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  1. It’s always good to spend time with Mr Bucket. There seemed to be a lot more interest in this leading up to the event. I expect to learn that hoards of people were saving themselves for the Friday run.