Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Time Check


PAX of six this morning for The Punisher workout.  It went like so:

Mosey to initial COP for 15 each of SSHs, Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, and Standing Mountain Climbers.

Deployment of 13 Acres Baker’s Dozen – designed for 13 exercises at 13 stops on the Linwood Holton Elementary School grounds.  Exercises included Squats, Merkins, Hello Dollys, Alternating Lunges, Wide-Grip Merkins, Rosalitas, Squat Jumps, Close-Grip Merkins, Alabama Prom Dates (thanks BT), Standing Donkey Kicks, Carolina Dry Docks, Flutter Kicks, and Mountain Climbers.

Complete 13 of the first exercise and 7 of the others (baker’s half dozen) – move to the next station and complete 7 of the first exercise, 13 of the second exercise, and 7 of the remaining exercises – and so on until done.

Return to the Shovel Flag for the COT.


YHC planned a workout lighter on running following yesterday’s Hardywood 4 Miler.  The PAX worked hard to complete the Baker’s Dozen.  We ran out of time at the end of the workout and YHC had to audible.  Apparently my 1990s era IronMan watch is set a little fast – we may have ended a couple of minutes early.  TYA swore his clock was correct and that the workout started a little early.  Thanks to TYA and Wedding Singer for tallying the target rep total for the workout – had to adjust math from Rosalita position following the audible.




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