Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What Curb Crawls?


Nine showed for this morning’s Punisher experience.  The heavy rains halted long enough for the PAX to get in some solid work like so:

Mosey to the rear blacktop for COP with 20 SSH, 15 forward and back arm circles, 15 mountain climbers, and 15 standing mountain climbers.

Run past old house, around gardens, and return to the front parking circle.

Commence 1K5K – pick a partner and take turns running and completing exercises – 100 prisoner curb hops, 200 decline wide-grip merkins, 300 flutter kicks, and 400 LBCs with the fastest among us working back down from 400 LBCs to 300 flutter kicks and so on.  Running path led out to Hermitage Road, a right along the sidewalk to the start of the gravel road entrance near the rear of the school and return.  Last leg of running – of about 6 total – comprised of 3 circles of parking lot.

Return to ShovelFlag for one round of Ring of Fire.



Nice showing for second meeting at Holton – some more folks from the F3 Richmond family kicking the tires this fine Monday morning.  Had a nice vibe no matter the moisture and humidity.

Welcome FNG Splinter – headlocked by Fudd.

Enjoy the 1K5K set-up – thanks TYA.  There was a lot of grunting during the decline werkin portion of the program.

We’ll finish the curb crawling another time.

Enjoy the week!



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