Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First (A.P.) Hill Workout


An enthusiastic group of eight showed for our first Monday morning workout – affectionately called The Punisher (#ThePunisheRVA).  We planted the ShovelFlag and it went something like this:

Tour de AO – a lap around Richmond’s Linwood Holton Elementary School – formerly 13 Acres school.

Return to the front parking circle for the COP involving:
Imperial Walkers x10
Standing Mountain Climbers x16
Side to Side Hops (Snake Jumps)  x10
Forward Arm Circles x15
Backward Arm Circles x15
Don Quixotes x15

Jog to school bus loop with quick pit stop for 13 Burpees – followed by Ascending Curb Crawls (Bear Crawls and Decline Merkins) at the bus loop – increase by ones on the way up – adjusted to even numbers only on the way down.  More on this…early finishers hold Touchdown Al Gore – bent legs, but no tree hugging – arms straight up.

Mosey to garden shelter for Lindsays – Dips and Pole Smokers – start with 30 and 10 and end with 10 and 30 in increments of 5.

Mosey again to front lot for Quadruple Check – groups of four alternate with People’s Chair, Touchdown Al Gore, Prisoner Squats, and a run around the parking lot circle – all x2.

Jog to grassy knoll at the corner of Laburnum and Hermitage – the PAX facing the A.P. Hill monument in the center of the road for:
Hello Dollys and Rosalitas, each x10
Flip – Planks with one arm tucked (Southern Gentleman and Yankee Aggressor, alternated)
Downward Dog, Child’s Pose, Sunrise Salutation
Flip – 20 LBCs
Flip – 1 minute elbow plank
Recover – Touchdown AG

Return to the ShovelFlag for COT.


YHC was pleased to be able to WALK to the AO in the morning Gloom.

The Bleeder-designed ShovelFlag stands up straight.

Ascending Curb Crawls are no joke.  It was decided mid-way through an attempt at 10 Decline Merkins to lop some reps off of the back side of the exercise.  Wedding Singer later shared that the Holton bus loop is about double the width of the Munford loop – take that Munford.

TYA giving Fudd advice on smoking and drinking – didn’t overhear if these were encouraged or discouraged.  Apparently this exchange inspired Fudd to sing Flowers on the Wall (look it up) during the Quadruple Check.

Yep – A.P. Hill’s body lies beneath that statue.


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