Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A little rain and a Startbuck’s stop

10 Faithful and 2 FRNG, posted for the morning run.  The Friday faithful’s continue to get stronger and faster.   The hard work will pay off for the upcoming mud run and the Hardywood 4 miler.

The Thang:

Break into 2 groups:   Group 1:  From the shovel flag, turn right on Cary, right on Westmoreland, left on Grove.  Proceed to Three Chopt then head back to the Shovel Flag (4.0 miles disputed).  Group 2:  From the shovel flag, proceed to Grove, turn right and proceed to Thompson, turnaround and proceed to Three Chopt, turnaround again and head back to the shovel flag.  Try and catch a member of group 1 if possible. (Solid 5 miles)

Both groups add in Speed Drills (Fartlek):  On the way back (after Libby Ave) sprint at 75% pace every other block until you get to Westmoreland.


If the forecast is bad weather, expect a higher number of F3 men who will post.  (someone fact check that).   12 men post for a run in weather that probably had most of your co-workers running late today.

Tclaps to Swirly who led the men from group one for most of the route with a solid pace.  Chum bucket, Oyster, Swirly and Pelosi 5-0, made it back to shovel flag with a few minutes to spare before Sippy Cup came rolling in.  Next in Toga, Fudd, and Brain Tumor, details are a little gloomy here as some of the men left to catch up to Bleeder.  Next in were Lug Nut, Scream, and TYA who might have been second guessing all those laps from Source of Truth.  Turns out Bleeder gave us the slip and took a different route back to the flag.

The weather brought out 2 more FRNG as we welcomed Chum Bucket and Pelosi 5-0 to the Friday Run.   Also, noted that Chum Bucket made a crack at Lug Nut’s shorts.  Not sure how anyone wearing Capri’s can make fun of another man’s shorts.  But the deed was done, unchecked.

Fudd – didn’t want his morning issue mentioned in the back blast.  With that said we won’t mention it other than to say the group was unable to meet for coffee at Starbucks.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run gentlemen. I took over Wilson’s spot from last week. Don’t know what happened, but at least I made it through 5 miles this morning.

  2. Well done Oyster. Great run in the gloom today fella’s. See y’all tomorrow AM!

  3. Well done gents! Last week I was a little early, this week a little late, next week will be just right! Go Hoos!

  4. TYA it was the speed drills. Blame it on that. I’ll be back next week to ensure the group is secure on the back end. Have no fear your ego will be less bruised…unless…