Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunshine joins F3 RVA for a run


10 Faithful and one FRNG, Dave Kibiloski, posted for a morning of running in the RVA.  Weather was 40 degrees and clear, perfect running weather.

The Thang:

From shovel flag, proceed to Grove avenue, everyone take a right.  Today, there were 4 different routes ranging in mileage from 4.0 – 5.5 miles, run to a turnaround point going east on Grove, then turnaround..  The stronger the runner you are the longer you get to run.  Then everyone ran to intersection of 3 Chopt and Grove, turned around, ran back around the school to the shovel flag.


Lugnut finished out front of the pack today, probably by a good 20 minutes before any other runner got back to the shovel flag.  He did do the shorter route (I think), but still smoked the pack back to the shovel flag.  He also got impatient waiting for everyone to return at the end and took off before the PAX finished.  Great job Lugnut…speed is definately increasing.  Oh….I forgot to mention that Lugnut started the run by himself 20 minutes before the appointed starting time and had to leave early to catch a morning meeting!

Johnsonville gets a Kotter from the running PAX.  He was also a LIFO, but on the other side.  Undaunted by being a couple minutes later starting than anyone else, he still set a good pace out on the course.  YHC was quite proud of himself because Jville never caught him (jville did a half mile longer run) until he found out that Jville stopped to use the facilities at the local starbucks #outhouse.  Also because of his LIFO status, he did not hear the directions to run back around the school at the end, so he took a little jog at the end to make up the distance.

Welcome Sunshine to the group.  He is quite an accomplished runner, but due to injury has not been on the road in over 3 months.  He acquitted himself well, pacing Bleeder back to the shovel flag at a pretty good clip.  We look forward to seeing Sunshine back to his sub 5 minute mile pace in no time.

Conspiracy may have finally met his match.  He and Sippy Cup (who did have two water bottles with him) set the pace at the front of the group,   Leaving Toga and Johnsonville looking like Bleeder at the back of the pack.  YHC was impressed with the ease at which they completed the five and a half miles.  Then, after the COT, when everyone else was ambling back to their cars, Sipply cup quietly started running back to his house over near dogwood dell (about a 2 1/2 mile cooldown).

See you next week in the Gloom


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job today everyone. Welcome Sunshine, first time we have had an FNG show up to F3 for the first time at a run.

  2. I am not sure how to take the Jville/Toga comparison, I am pretty sure my attendance record is worthy of comparison, but not my long distance speed. I was just happy to finish at the same time with TOGA. Great run Today. Always good to have Sunshine during a run!

  3. Great run today guys – I am pushed hard every time we run and the pax is always impressive – giving it everything they have as they cross the finish line.
    Way to finish strong today Bleeder. Sippy Cup thanks for taking it easy on me and allowing me to finish before you passed me and ran home ….
    Welcome Sunshine !