Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All is quiet in the COT


11 posted to stomp on the frozen earth of Huguenot Park.  It was #Crunchy,  but it was more in a frozen earth way than a hippy vibe.


Mosey to 1st soccer field (Bleeder, that’s the one closest to the flag) for warm-up COP:  25 SSH, 5 burpees, 12 merkins, 5 burpees, 15 Rosalitas, 15 Don Quixote’s, 5 burpees

Mosey to 2nd soccer field (Bleeder, it’s the one furthest from the flag) for Jacob’s ladder minus the hill #HillsWanted.

Mosey to back parking lot (Bleeder, it’s not the one with the flag) for running fun:  Bear crawl then run, backwards all the way, karaoke, karaoke, bear crawl till Fudd declares half way then run, backwards run, and finish with 5 burpees.

Mosey to basketball court for 10 spiderman merkins, 5 burpees, and 10 scorpion drydocks.

Commence with 6MOM: 15 leg raises, 12 Ws, 30 LBC, 11 cockroaches, 15 Freddy Mercury



YHC stole another Ranger workout due to general lack of creativity (Note: my creative writing teacher in college told me I “should give it up” #PointTaken), but I dialed back the burpees.  Next time we’ll get to the standard issue 10 as we sprinkle these throughout the fun.  I’m honestly not sure why I chose to do the running and final COP on hard surfaces.  Maybe it was because the frozen earth somehow seemed harder than a paved surface?

I think the PAX really enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder, but it somehow felt a little hollow without the hill.  Do they even have hills on that side of the river?  Do you southside people get neck aches from looking up at those of us in Richmond?

Doner Kebab noted a lack of general hilarity or even FEBA at the COT.  Being a bald vision #PatrickStewart, YHC knows awe when he sees it.  The PAX was not smoked but was instead basking in the glow of that which had been provided.

Special thanks to Wilson for switching Q with me to cover my time at DogPile.

Announcement:  Get thyself to the Thursday workout as we witness Swirly’s VQ.  Come prepared with your favorite Q inspiring comments.


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  1. Feeling the spiderman merkins – wow! Way to pound us Toga.. Glad I could be of some use on the Fireman’s carry, gotta work on that bear crawl jeez that kicks my butt…

  2. I totally forgot the Fireman’s carry and the wheelbarrow relays. You motored across that parking lot.

  3. Toga, Great Workout! When the Q called for the Fireman’s carry, I was standing next to Lug Nut, We both decided to find alternate partners.

  4. My apologies to Fudd, I think I could have gotten us out of the fire, but the burns would be substantial. The Good news, It would make the Scar on my leg look good, by comparison.

  5. The picture I have in my head of Fudd finishing the carry with Bleeder hanging on by a thread is making me laugh as I type this. Solid start to a Tuesday.

  6. Great workout! Looking forward to Thursday! I bet Swirly is bringing it! Saturday at #gogpile should be interesting. Looking forward to beasting it and heading over to Pouncy Tract after! FEBA………..

    Just want a point of clarity. Toga stated a piggy back is classified as a fireman’s carry! #bleeder – you can carry me out of a fire anytime…..