Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Spyrock - Super Bowl Sunday 2015
Spyrock - Super Bowl Sunday 2015

3 sore Faithful and 1 FNG posted for F3Richmond’s first Appalachian Trail beatdown.

The Thang:

Hiked from Rt. 56 crossing of the Appalachian Trail at the Tyro River, 4.3 miles up to the summit of the Priest, continuing along the AT and pass Spyrock until reaching the jeep trail 0.9 miles above the Montebello Fish Hatchery parking area, hike down to car. 10.1 miles total.


Earthworm’s reconnaissance and preparation for the trip were much appreciated. If you ever need to phone a friend regarding AT trivia, Earthworm’s your guy.

We had hoped to get started just after 7am, but after morning constitutions in Lovingston McD’s (single head) and dropping off a car at the Fish Hatchery we didn’t set out until about 8am.

We encountered an unexpected snow and ice blanket on multiple summits and on the north sides of the peaks. Snowmageddon 2015 left snow and frozen ice that had melted to the ground but then refroze to make hiking more difficult.

We were hoping to complete the hike by noon…we finished at 2pm.

4.3 miles of uphill hiking to begin our journey were no joke.

The parking area at Rt. 56 crossing of the Appalachian Trail is hard to find…we missed it…twice.

YHC’s gallon water jug was ridiculed, yet it served its purpose well.

Always hike with poles.

Spyrock was a frozen iceball. Sensibly, nobody attempted an ascent.

Welcome to the fold, Flip Phone. We look forward to you posting to a regular Richmond workout soon!


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  1. Jville and I gave Flip Phone his name on the way home…though Bluetooth was a close second choice…

  2. Now I am dying to do the Three Ridges section between the Priest and Humpback/Wintergreen. Maybe we will add some burpees as well this time to attract more F3 particpation …