Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 Richmond – Snowmageddon 2015


F3 Richmond - Snowmageddon 2015

14 Faithful braved the slick streets of the Southside of the River James to congregate at #NoToll, eager for a wintry beatdown full of gloom and pain.

Brief mosey to COP
49 SSH in honor of Super Bowl XLIX
26 LBC in honor of Super Bowl XXVI (Redskins last Super Bowl victory, sorry Wilson)
11 Imperial Walkers in honor of 11 of 12 deflated balls
15 Merkins

Mosey to woodshed after half lap around parking lot
Triple Check
Split into teams of 3
1 people’s chair with arms up and parallel to ground
1 plank or merkin down position
1 large lap around parking lot
Repeat full cycle 3 times


Line up at Soccer Field for Blimps, down and back as a group
5 burpees, 10 lunges each leg, 15 merkins, 20 Imperial Walkers, 25 Bear Crawl strides
Restrictor Plate: if you finish early, run back to last guy to finish as a group

Mosey to other soccer field
Imperial Squat Walkers

Half lap around other soccer field
Sprint width of other soccer field

Mosey to cars for COT

Accumulation was close to 0.5-1 inch during the beatdown. Road conditions were definitely worse on the way home, and Chesterfield County closed schools on the drive home.

YHC thought of the Super Bowl trivia as we were circling up for the initial COP and ran out of creative trivial numbers for the 15 Merkins. Humble apologies.

Bleeder or Toga got into the spirit of the falling snow and used a shopping cart as a bob sled during the triple check. YHC missed how that started so someone can fill in please.

YHC heard no references to Wilson’s wife this morning. Shame on the PAX.

Swirly has perfect F3 Richmond attendance since his first posting.

YHC cannot look at TYA while Q’ing SSH’s. Classic form.

Normal workouts as usual this week.

We will be fielding a team for the Rugged Maniac 5k to be held at the Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, VA on 5/2/2015. In order for this to work, we need hard commitments by Saturday. Jan. 31. contact Johnsonville.

In order to begin preparing for The F3Richmond Four State Challenge in June, we plan on hiking a section of the AT this Sunday called “The Priest.” The hike will be around 11 mi. The first 4 mi. will be an uphill climb. After that, it is mostly flat or downhill. We will check out a great lookout called “Spyrock.” If you want to hike The Priest with us, please meet on Sunday at the Daily Grind side parking lot ready to depart by 5a sharp. The drive is about 2 hours. We should get home by 2:30pm, leaving plenty of time to get ready for the Superbowl. contact Johnsonville.


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  1. Great pic guys. I must admit, I check out the RVA site at least once per week. I knew it would happen, and sure enough, the PAX are becoming BEASTS! #strongleaders. Hoping to get back up there this Spring and also see you guys at F3 CSAUP events this year.

  2. I was sorry I missed the end, but some of that PAX does not look happy. The tabatta segment must have been rough. Great work DK, and the shopping cart was all Bleeder. I just commented on it. Someone suggested it was a walker.

  3. Todays beatdown was awesome! The snow brought back memories of being a kid! Is it Thursday yet?